Volume 7, Issue 1 (2011) The Brown Issue

Guest Editor's Note (an extract)

Brown is the color of the wolf, of the harvest-ravaged farm, of thatched roofs, of cinnamon cake, of autumn, of snuff, of wooden boxes (bridal chests, watch cases, humidors, coffins). If ever there was a color more suited to earthly existence, it’s the color of earth itself. And earthly existence is at the very heart of fairy tales, despite all the unearthly circumstances depicted.

Timothy Schaffert


The Brown Issue
Kate Bernheimer


The Brown Issue

Kate Bernheimer
Guest Editor
Timothy Schaffert, University of Nebraska–Lincoln
Contributing Editor
Alissa Nutting, John Carroll University
Timothy Schaffert, University of Nebraska–Lincoln
Advisory Board
Donald Haase, Wayne State University
Maria Tatar, Harvard University
Marina Warner, University of Essex, UK
Jack Zipes, University of Minnesota
Cover Art
"Born" by Kiki Smith
J. Johnson