Volume 14, Issue 1 (1996)

This volume is another in the series of outstanding work by practicing sociologists all over the world. From Nelson Foote's essay on "Frontiers in Sociological Practice" to essays that report the experiences of sociologists working where the rubber meets the road, Volume 14 is full of practical examples of practitioners using sociological theory and methods to effect real change. Once again, sociologists working at a number of levels have developed interventions that are designed to improve the quality of life for individuals, groups, and their communities.

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Front Matter


Front Matter
CSR Editors

Editor's Preface


Editor's Preface
W. David Watts

About the Authors


About the Authors
CSR Editors

History of Clinical Sociology


A Crucial Event in the Development of the Rules of Socioanalysis: The Printing Shop Intervention
Jacques Van Bockstaele, Maria Van Bockstaele, Pierrette Schein, and Martine Godard-Plasman

Presidential Address



Socioemotional Understanding and Recreation
Beverley Cuthbertson Johnson

Teaching Notes

Practice Notes

Self-Portraits of Practicing Sociologists

Book Reviews


Frames of Remembrance
Alvin S. Lackey

Résumés en Français

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W. David Watts, Jacksonville State University

Vice President for Publications and Consulting Editor

Phillip D. Robinette, Southern California College

Associate Editors

Hugh McCain, Jr., Jacksonville State University

John Glass

Assistant Editor

Louisa Howe, Psychomotor Institute

Historical Section Editor

Jan M. Fritz

Teaching Notes Editor

Sarah C. Brabrant, University of Southwestern Louisiana

Practice Notes Editor

Ann Marie Ellis, Southwest Texas State University

Book Review Editor

Harry Cohen